Rainy Day Activities!

Rain, rain, go away! Pete has felt the boredom of a rainy day more than once!

Rainy Day Blues

Here are some fun rainy day activities to chase away the thunderstorm blues!

1. PeteTheCatBooks.com
This fun, interactive website is the perfect companion for a day inside. At PeteTheCatBooks.com, you can listen to the Pete the Cat songs you know and love, as well as watch fun videos that go with many of your favorite Pete stories! You can also find over 50 FREE downloadable activities, such as word searches, coloring sheets, and matching games!

2. Board Games
Put down those video game controllers, and get ready for some old-fashioned family fun! Board games are a great way to take a break from screens, and these Pete the Cat board games are fun AND educational!

Pete the Cat Groovy Buttons Game
Players move around the board collecting (and losing!) their buttons!

Pete the Cat Groovy Buttons Game

Pete the Cat the Missing Cupcakes Game
Players work together to find the missing cupcakes!

PTC Missing Cupcakes Game

 These games are great for young players, too! They are all about teamwork and don't require any reading to have fun!!

3. Dance Party
If there's one thing Pete loves to do, it's to get up and groove! To quote Pete the Cat and the Cool Cat Boogie, "Dancing is like magic! When I hear a groovy beat I'm full of HAPPY in my feet!" 

How to Do the Cool Cat Boogie!

If you want to dance just like Pete, follow along with this video to learn the official cool cat boogie. Once you warm up, freestyle to your favorite family jams!

4. Bake Something Sweet
Who doesn't love a bake-off? Pick a sweet treat to make for your family and friends. Print out the recipe, and work together to measure ingredients and follow the steps just right!

While you're waiting for your goodies to bake, kick back with a fun book! These Pete stories might be just purrrrfect for the occasion!

Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes  Three Bite Rule  PTC and the Groovy Bake Sale  
Click the image to purchase!

5. Have a Reading Marathon!
Reading is always a groovy way to pass the time. First set up a comfy place for everyone to sit. Pete loves making forts with sheets and filling them with pillows!

One way to have a reading marathon is to have everyone in the family pick a few of their favorite picture books and take turns reading them aloud. Don't be afraid to be interactive! Shadow puppets, sound effects, and sing-alongs are all welcome!

Another great way to read together is to pick a chapter book that everyone is interested in and take turns reading paragraphs or pages. You'll be surprised how far along you can get in a story using teamwork!

Here are a few Pete the Cat collections that are awesome for reading marathons!
Book Set 1 Book Set 2 Book Set 3
Click the images to purchase!

We hope you like these rainy day ideas. But if boredom prevails, just grab your umbrella, put on your rainboots, and play in the puddles!

Pete the Cat Umbrella

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