Pete the Cat Club!

With circumstances keeping a lot of people at home, many of us are looking for ways to entertain our children (and ourselves!). Pete the Cat creator James Dean has found a way to help! 

James Dean hosting Pete the Cat Club

The illustrator has been going live on Instagram on weekdays to engage with children who are staying at home. On every episode of Pete the Cat Club, he reads a Pete story and teaches kids all over how to draw their favorite characters. He also highlights viewers' birthdays and fan mail!

Where to Watch:
Instagram: James goes live on Instagram every weekday at 1pm Eastern Time. If you can't watch live, the video is available to watch in the @petethecatofficial story for 24 hours after it has ended. You can also watch shorter videos from PTC Club on our IGTV channel.

Facebook: We've added episodes of Pete the Cat Club to our Facebook page as well. 

Let's be friends:
To keep up with all of the latest Pete the Cat news and fun, follow us on social media!


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