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Front Pete Wall
Nestled in the quaint town of Pine Mountain, Georgia, Cat’s Meow is a gallery and framing shop characterized by its unique pet-centric merchandise and handmade wares. An accountant in her former life, Kara Cable has found her passion in a creative archival framing business housed inside a cat-lover’s paradise.

One Pete Wall at Cat's Meow

A Main Street staple in Pine Mountain, Cat’s Meow is one of those eclectic boutiques that you could wonder through a hundred times without seeing everything they have to offer. From designer cashmere socks to local pottery and fine leather goods, this shop has something that’s sure to delight each and every customer that walks through its doors.

As for their Pete the Cat collection, it’s one of the most unique out there. Being a professional framer, Kara favors James’ works on paper. As you can see below, she chooses frames that show the personality of each piece. From the color and design of the outer frame to the exposed edges of the paper, each piece tells its own story. 

Pete Circa 2003 

For the true Pete collector, these are rare pieces to come by.  James is no longer offering many works on paper, and some of Cat’s Meow’s current originals date all the back to 2003. Most of his current gallery pieces are acrylic on canvas, which is a totally different look and feel than his paper works.

Cat’s Meow also holds many of the remaining limited edition prints. Numbered giclees were discontinued in early 2018, and Kara received the final order of these collectable pieces.

In addition to selling James’ artwork, she is also a passionate collector herself. The true story behind Pete the Cat resonated with her the very first time she heard it. She’s been adding to her personal collection since James first began creating Pete-themed artwork in 1999.

She’s been carrying James’ artwork since Cat’s Meow opened in 2005 and says Pete transcends many different audiences. Kara says, “I don’t know James personally, but I have a feeling that Pete is James in a cat’s body. I also love that Pete manages to be an entertaining character while still keeping it family friendly.”

If you’re looking for a fun holiday destination in the Southeast, Callaway Gardens is right up the road from Cat’s Meow. Their famous Fantasy in Lights events is going on through the end of the year and is fun for the whole family.

Bus Original 

Cat’s Meow
137 Main Street N
Pine Mountain, Georgia
(706) 489-3025

Cat’s Meow also has a smaller secondary location down the road in Columbus, Georgia.

Cat's Meow Uptown
108 8th Street
Columbus, Georgia
(706) 221-6883

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