Pete the Cat TV Series 2018

As many of you probably already know, we had some pretty exciting stuff happen around New Year’s this year. Pete got his very own TV show on Amazon Prime Video. The pilot aired on December 26th, 2017, and so far, Pete the Cat A Groovy New Year has proven very popular.

This series has a star-studded cast, featuring rising star Jacob Tremblay as Pete the Cat and Elvis Costello and his wife, Diana Krall as Pete’s parents. The soundtrack is groovy too, with Costello singing the theme song and KT Tunstall singing as the crazy talented Catalina the punk rock cat superstar!

“The show's pace is soothing, the animation is uncluttered, and the humor is more about coaxing smiles out of its viewers than eliciting the big, easy guffaw,” says Gina Catanzarite of Parent’s Choice, a review site for children’s toys and media.  

We’ve gotten lots of inquiries as to when there will be more episodes, and while we can’t quite talk about dates yet, we promise the rest of the first season will be out super soon and well worth the wait. Thanks so much to Pete fans everywhere for supporting us by watching the special, leaving reviews, and spreading the news. You guys rock!!!

If you haven’t watched the Pete on Amazon yet, then there is no time like the present. We’ve honestly been watching it all year; it’s that groovy. While you’re there, leave us a review and let Amazon know what you think! Thanks again, and stay groovy!

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