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Announcing the 2018 Pete the Cat Pumpkin Contest Winners!!!

This was our first pumpkin contest ever, and the creativity and work put into each one of your painted pumpkins and spooky jack-o-lanterns was AMAZING!! Thanks so much to everyone who sent in a submission. Y'all are all SCARY talented.

After receiving so many groovy submissions, we decided to choose first, second, and third place winners for two categories-- the Painted Pumpkin category and the Carved Pumpkin category. We also choose five contest runners-up.


Abigail and John Carter Lambert!
These artistes painted real masterpieces on their pumpkins!

Five Little Pumpkins... Pumpkin! Buttons and Bats! 

Jeremy Kettel!
We loved the cool textures in this groovy pumpkin created for Jeremy's son! 

Jeremy's Pete Pumpkin

Suji Kandi!
Looks like these little artists are fans of Pete's new show. It's Pete and Catalina!

Pete and Catalina Pumpkins!

Kelly Langford!
We can almost hear the groovy tunes coming from this jack-o-lantern. Rock on!

One Groovy Dude.

Crystel Hardin!
You can't go wrong taking a page out of Trick or Pete. This really sets the scene for trick-or-treaters!


Painted Pumpkin Category Winners!

3rd Place goes to... Jayde Guffey!
Jade and her class crafted a Pete pumpkin that looks like he stepped in a huge pile of BLUEBERRIES!

Did Pete cry? GOODNESS NO!

2nd Please goes to... Lilith Brinkmeyer!
Look at this painted Pete's cool red shoes and rockin' guitar. Way to be creative, Lilith!!

Pete singing an autumn song.

1st Place in the Painted Pumpkin category goes to... Paul Zeringue!
This double-decker Pete pumpkin is groovin' down the road on his groovy skateboard... and his pet fish is along for the ride!! So cool and creative.

Spooky skate!

Carved Pumpkin Category Winners

3rd Place goes to... Chris Scredon!
Chris made this uncanny likeness of the Pete from his new TV show for his son, Jude. Now, that is one cool cat!

TV Pete Pumpkin

2nd Place goes to... Jacki and Dani Martin!
We didn't know it was possible for a pumpkin to look cuddly! Great job, you guys!

Plush Pumpkin

And finally.... First Place in the Carving Category goes to... Caitlin Higgins!
This pumpkin's got it all-- Pete's groovy buttons, his catch phrase, and his friendly face. We also love that this pumpkin works when it's dark and when it's light!

It's All Good Pete from the front. Button detail. Groovy and lit!

To every cool cat and kitten that participated-- THANK YOU!!! You guys make us so happy and inspire us with your awesome creations!