The Pete the Cat team has have a blast following along on everyone's summer adventures. Thanks to you guys, Pete has gotten to go to SO MANY amazing destinations! To say the least, the contest was a great success. It was extremely hard for us to pick just a few winners.


Pete in Winter Park, Colorado
Linda says of her adventures with Pete, "I love traveling with Pete.  We make more friends than I did alone and he has brought my picture taking to a whole new level." Linda has been traveling with Pete for 3 years, and this year's voyage took them to Colorado. In the photo above Pete takes in the breathtaking mountain views!

Pete in Mexico City
Irene says, "I am an elementary teacher who loves to use Pete the Cat to inspire my students. Every summer I try to travel, and this year Pete and his GROOVY red and blue shoes accompanied me to Mexico City and their lively and vibrant mercados and culture." Thank you so much for sharing, Irene!
 Pete in Australia!
Pete made it all the way to Australia! Jo says, "Pete the Cat came on a big world trip with Abigail to meet her Uncle Pete - in Australia! It was winter in Sydney, but you wouldn’t know it! We enjoyed the beautiful weather around Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge." That sounds like an amazing adventure!!
 Pete in Alaska!
Ken took Pete on an expansive Northern adventure. He says of his trip, "Pete crossed the Arctic Circle, went to Provideniya, Russia, to the Pribilof Islands to watch Puffins play, to Dutch Harbor to find the Deadliest Catch boats, to several other Aleutian Islands for more birds, to Katmai National Park to watch bears dig for mussels and clams and to learn to kayak, and then to Kenai National Park to view all the glaciers. Pete loves to go adventuring and really loves finding wildlife." This is our favorite photo of Pete with the glaciers. What an amazing adventure!

 3rd Place!

Pete in London!
Pete on Abbey Road!
Pete in Paris!
During her trip around Europe, Julie took so many great photos of Pete, we couldn't pick just one! Julie says, "I just returned from an amazing Girls’ Trip to Europe. My friend Kelly and I brought our Petes along with us and we’re excited to share our adventures with you!" Congratulations! We loved seeing your Petes adventuring together!

Second Place!!

Pete in Pisa!

Wow! Pete got to hold up The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Good job, buddy! Jennifer says, "Pete really enjoyed all the sights and food on his cruise in the Mediterranean." What an iconic "world tour" photo. Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

First Place!!!

 Pete at the Pyramids

And, finally our first place winner is... Rafy! He and his family took Pete all the way to Egypt to see the pyramids. What an incredible trip for everyone. Congratulations!!


Thank you so much to everyone who sent in submissions. You guys are the greatest and our hearts are full of gratitude. Be on the lookout for the next big Pete the Cat contest! Bon Voyage!

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