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3 Groovy Resolutions!

Start 2019 Right with Pete's Groovy Resolutions!

Pete the Cat's 2019 Goals

Resolution #1: Move and Groove!
The New Year usually brings aspirations to get healthy and stay active! Pete is always on the move, and this year is no different. His goals are to surf more, ride his skateboard to school, and dance any chance he gets!
Here are a few books to inspire you and your family to get out there and groove! 

Move and Groove Books

Resolution #2: Always Be Kind
Everybody knows that Pete is a cool cat, and the best way to be cool is to be kind. This year Pete wants to make an extra effort to be kind to every creature he meets. Remember, everyone you meet is fighting their own battle that you know nothing about!
Here are a few books that teach lessons in kindness!

Kindness books

Links to Purchase: 

Resolution #3: Stay Positive
A positive outlook can turn any day into a GREAT day! Pete strives to stay positive no matter what situation he's in! His final resolution is to say YES to positivity and leave negativity behind! 
Here are a few classic Pete books that teach lessons in staying positive!

Positive Pete Books

Links to Purchase: